Himalayan Salt for Detox – Natural Way to Detox Your Body Using Himalayan Salt

Nov 21, 2022

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Are you ready for detox?

Himalayan salt is a natural mineral which is rich in minerals and trace elements. It has many medicinal properties. It is used in natural medicine for the treatment of asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, ulcers, skin disorders, and many other health problems.

The Himalayan salt has been used by people for over 100 years for detoxification. It is made up of 97% pure salt, with trace minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the body’s natural healing processes.

Himalayan salt is one of the most beneficial things to have in your life. Its detoxifying properties make it an important addition to any weight loss regime.

If you are looking for Himalayan salt for detox, then look no further. This blog contains all the information about salt as a cure for detoxing, what are its effects, the benefits and the precautions to be taken before using it.

What is Detox?

Detox or detoxification is the process of removing toxins from your body via any means, either it be medicinal or physiological. Basically detox is cleansing your blood, helping body remove the toxins from blood and circulate the clean and purified blood throughout the body.

Himalayan Salt for Detox

Why is it important to detox your body?

Human body naturally detoxes itself during urination, sweating and even breathing but sometimes due to unhygienic lifestyle and consumption of too much toxic food can make it difficult to process these toxic substances in blood. When this happens, your body starts showing signs like fatigue, skin problems, low stamina, disturbed bowel movements and poor sleep quality.

If you’re facing all of these signs, it means your body is calling you out to aid its natural detox process. There is no other better choice than Himalayan Salt for Detox because it is 100% pure and provides many benefits more than just detox.

Himalayan Salt for Detox Benefits

Himalayan salt is the most effective detoxification method to cleanse your body and purify your blood. The most powerful form of detoxification is using natural salt from the Himalayas. It contains over 84 minerals that are essential for detoxification.

Himalayan Salt for Detox provides following benefits:

Boosts the Energy Level

Himalayan Salt boosts the energy level when used for detoxification of body because it removes all the toxins from the body that make human body slow and lazy.

Improved Sense of Wellbeing

Himalayan Salt for Detox

When using Himalayan Salt for detox, you’ll start feeling good about yourself and your health. This improved sense of wellbeing comes from the positive energy of Himalayan salt which aids the regular functions of Human body.

Feeling Lighter than before

One of the most common impact of detox is that you’ll start feeling lighter because soon after the detoxification starts, your body will flush out the toxins making you feel heavier and dull. Salt particles also benefit to lung capacity which means you breath better than before.

Healthy Skin

You’ve probably heard of YOU BECOME WHAT YOU EAT, it is true. Our skin reflects what we consume in our daily life which means that if you’ve dull skin, you need to change your eating habits. Himalayan salt provides extra moisturizing effect to the skin and also remove the skin damaging toxins from the body.

Salt is also known to retain the moisture in body.

Clearer Thinking

Detoxification not only impacts the body but also the brain inside that body. Toxic substances in blood make the brain functions slow and difficult for brain to work properly. When body starts to detoxify, body starts getting over brain fog, fatigue and that sense of being stressed all time.

The improved quality of thinking is one of the biggest benefits of Himalayan Salt for detox. Salt help to improve memory and critical thinking.

Ways to Detox Your Body Using Himalayan Salt

There are many ways to use Himalayan salt to detox, and it can also improve digestion by providing benefits over the regular table salt. You can also opt for Himalayan salt foot detox and cleanse your body at home. Himalayan salt has antibacterial properties which help your body’s natural cleansing process.

Himalayan Salt for Detox

Unlike many other detox regimes, Himalayan salt detoxes are affordable and have added benefit of absorbing minerals in your body through your skin and help body at cellular level.

Natural Salt cave, fine Himalayan salt therapy, halo salt therapy, all these are help your body is a simple way to experience the benefits of Himalayan minerals and detoxing the body.

Drink Himalayan Sole

One of the easiest and the most basic way to use Himalayan salt for detoxification is to drink concentrated salt water solution every day. This way you will not only detoxify your body but also experience the amazing benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt.

But what is Himalayan Sole? Sole is a concentrated salt solution of Himalayan Salt and water which is healthy and safe for human body.

Himalayan Chef Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain

Soeos Himalayan Pink Salt

The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt

To make sole at your home, you’ll need only two things, Himalayan Salt and Water. Add ½ cup of Himalayan salt in a glass container or jar, fill it with fresh drinking spring water and let it rest overnight. Next day if all the salt is dissolved in the water, you’ll need to add another ½ cup of water and let it settle for another night.

Once you start seeing the undissolved salt crystals on the bottom of your glass container, it means that your Himalayan Sole is ready.

How to use it? Add 1 spoon of this solution in 250ml glass of water and drink it as a first thing in morning on empty stomach. Drinking a Himalayan Salt sole with filtered water is preferred.

Salt sole is an easy health food and used by athletes for the benefits to fill their salt concentration needs.

Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

Sometimes our body not only needs internal detoxification but also an extra care and pampering from outside too. And there is no better option than Himalayan salt bath.

It is recommended to have Himalayan salt bath 2-3 times every weak and provide detoxification to your body via osmosis. Himalayan Salt soak will let your body absorb salt naturally and flush out toxins.

You can also add few drops of essential oils, along with the plain water, Himalayan pink salt plus a handful of wildflowers to add up the relaxing factor of bathing experience. Salt added in bath tub will be absorbed by the body helping healthy functioning of the body.

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt with Lavender

Evolution Salt - Bath Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt with Rose Petals

When salty water is absorbed into the body, the action of salt to detox the body starts and it activates body helping it to heal naturally. For foot detox, lamps are available but you can also use salt directly on the foot. White salt dissolved in water, dip your feet into that for 10 minutes. This water helps to absorb the salt in feet and remove toxins.

Himalayan Salt Lamp for Salt Detox

Himalayan Salt Lamps are the best way to purify the air in surroundings and remove toxic charges and other allergy causing substances in air. Once you add these cool looking salt lamps in your room/office/lounge, you’ll feel the difference in air quality and the impact they have on your mood and energy.

They release negative ions helping to reduce positive ions, which are harmful for us.

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp with Dimmer Switch

USB Himalayan Salt Lamp Healthy Lonizer with 7 Colors Changing Glows LED Bulb 

All Natural 100% Authentic Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps have much more to offer you other than the detoxing effect. Heat from the himalayan salt lamp helps the body at a cellular level by helping to reduce the electromagnetic pollution we are exposed in todays world.


In this fast-paced world of packaged food and technology, sometimes our bodies fail to naturally detox and they need extra support and care to flush out toxins. Himalayan salt is the best option for this cause as it is all-natural and pure. It can be used in multiple ways for detoxification and has no harmful side effects on body. 

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