Discover the True Benefits and Uses of Edible Himalayan Salt

Oct 7, 2022

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Edible Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is an incredible source of 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health. It also includes magnesium and potassium, which help keep blood sugar steady. The unique pink color of the Edible Himalayan Pink Salt adds a beautiful look to the presentation of any food. High iron content makes it useful for improving your diet.

Edible Himalayan salt

This salt comes in an organic pink form, which provides a natural source of magnesium, calcium, and potassium for the body. It has a great healing effect, relaxing sore muscles, and removing toxins. Salt blocks are available in various sizes and grain sizes to suit every customer’s specific needs.

They are used as a healthy alternative for common table salt, and are also used as an everyday cooking ingredient. It is used in multiple ways including home décor, cooking tiles, animal feed, bath salt and spa. But the most common and easy way to get nutrition from Himalayan salt is to consume it in food.

Why Use Himalayan Pink Salt?

Sodium is an essential mineral that is needed by our body for many functions. Sodium is present in edible Himalayan salt in healthy amount which is required by our body to function properly. These important functions include:

Edible Himalayan salt
  • Maintain body fluid balance
  • Contraction and relaxation of muscles
  • Prevent Dehydration
  • Proper transmission of nerve impulses
  • Maintaining Blood Pressure
  • Aids in the absorption of food particles in the intestinal tract

How to Use Edible Himalayan Salt?

It is an extremely beneficial product that is used in cooking and baking. Edible Himalayan Salt can be consumed in number of ways; you can get as much creative as you can with it. It makes a good substitution for regular table salt, which is high in sodium content.

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Himalayan salt may be an alternative to regular table salt because it has many health benefits. In this article we discuss the benefits of using Himalayan salt and show you how to use it in your cooking and baking.

1. Seasoning on Salad:

Himalayan salt is a great seasoning for salads, as well as for other foods. It has a mild flavor and is not salty like table salt. Himalayan salt has many health benefits, including preventing and treating high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and various other conditions.

It is a great way to add more sodium to your diet without adding any other chemicals or additives. If you are looking for a way to spice up your salad, try using Himalayan salt.

2. Seasoning on Fries:

Edible Himalayan Salt

This Himalayan salt is an excellent addition to any meal, and especially good for fries. It has the perfect amount of sodium and potassium for a healthy diet. If you’re a French fries lover (who’s not), you can simply season your fries with pinch of Himalayan salt. It will add a crunchy and salty taste to your regular French fries and also make them healthy.

3. Seasoning on Popcorn:

Popcorn is a healthy snack, but if you add Himalayan salt to it, you get an even better snack. Himalayan salt seasoning is a great addition to popcorn because it adds a natural flavor to your popcorn without adding any extra fat or sodium. It also helps to keep the popcorn crunchy.

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This salt has a mild taste that doesn’t overpower the popcorn. You can sprinkle the salt on your popcorn, not much salt, when you are eating it. It will add a nice, natural flavor to your popcorn.

4. Ingredient in Soup/Curry:

We all love Indian curries and chutneys, one of the main reasons to love them is their savory taste. Use pink Himalayan salt as an ingredient in foods like soup and curry. It adds a unique flavor and texture to the dish.

Edible Himalayan Salt is used as a spice and seasoning in many different types of foods. It is best known for its ability to reduce cravings for salt, and is often used to make low-sodium dishes taste more flavorful.

5. Ingredient in Baking:

When you want to take your baking to a whole new level, try using Himalayan salt in your dough. It can give you cool-looking red and pink tint in your bread, and it will deliver on taste when used in baked goods.

This edible Himalayan salt also elevates the aesthetics of your baked goods. If you just want to use it as a garnish, simply coarsely grind and sprinkle it on top of your finished baked product. Not only will this help your baked goods look amazing, but a light sprinkle of salt on top of your cookies can also make for a delicious treat.

6. Ingredient in Juices and Smoothies:

Add Himalayan salt to your juices for a more delicious, healthy beverage. When you buy packed juices, they are full of sugar content. Also some people like to drink juice with a little bit of sugar, but others don’t like it. Then what to make for them?

The trick is simple; add a pinch of the fine pink salt instead, in juices such as orange and carrot juice, sugarcane juice, lemon juice, and mint margarita.

Smoothies are a great way to get extra nutrients into your body. They can be made with just about any fruit or vegetable you have on hand. Eating is not just about getting calories from the food you eat. It’s also about getting the nutrients we need to be healthy and feeling energized.

Pink salt, also known as Himalayan salt, can be used as an ingredient in juices and smoothies to add flavor and essential minerals. According to a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, pink salt contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium that can contribute to overall health and wellness.

However, it’s important to use pink salt in moderation as excessive salt intake can have negative health effects.

7. Tossing Steak:

Edible Himalayan salt

You can not only put Himalayan salt in your dishes but you can also cook them on salt blocks. Sizzling steak on salt cooking blocks are delicious and one of the most popular dishes right now. But if you’re cooking on salt block, don’t add additional salt to your steak.

But if you still feel the need for salt, you can use Himalayan salt. It’s the best salt for steak.  Don’t let your steak stay on the slab for longer than it should be and don’t overdo the roasting for yummy steak on salt block.

8.Grilling Salmon:

Cook fish on Himalayan salt blocks and it can be a great experience for you. You’ll enjoy it thoroughly. You can grill your own fresh salmon and serve it over a block to make a delicious meal. When cooking salmon at home, add citrus fruit to your recipe such as lemons, kiwi, mango, and papaya to complete your salt block platter.  Salt can also be used to preserve and cure fish and meat.

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9. Grill Vegetables:

Grilling veggies on a Himalayan salt block is really in these days, nothing competes with some hot grilled veggies sautéed and served on a hot salt block. You’d love to cook up your own veggies on the grill, which are so much better than those prepared at your local restaurant.

Edible Himalayan salt

If you’re a diet conscious person, the best choice is the pink Himalayan salt block, packed with all the minerals and nutrients needed for cooking any kind of vegetable recipes. If you want to prepare your kids’ food and make it irresistible to them, then give them the option to try out these creative and inventive salt block recipes. You will soon have kids who eat every bit of their food, and also love to have a good time, on your dining table.

Edible Himalayan Salt Benefits over table salt:

1. Himalayan Salt contains Less Sodium:

The benefits include the fact that it has lower sodium content than regular table salt. The reason for this is that Himalayan Salt is mined from the mines in Punjab region of Pakistan, not extracted from the sea. This makes it much less likely to be contaminated with other salts or chemicals. The other great thing about it is that it is much less likely to cause any digestive problems, heart diseases and kidney problems.

2.Rich in Mineral Content:

Himalayan salt has many benefits; including it has a very high mineral content. It is often used in homeopathic remedies and as a dietary supplement because it contains a wide variety of purest minerals. These minerals in salt have been shown to have a number of health benefits, including aiding in the body’s absorption of nutrients, boosting the immune system, and lowering cholesterol. Himalayan salt also has a unique flavor that most people find to be pleasant.

3. Aid Hydration:

Himalayan salt is a natural mineral composed of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is found in the mountains of the Himalayas and is often used as a dietary supplement. Pink salt is also used in food preparation. Pink Himalayan salt provides many benefits, including being effective in preventing dehydration, preventing the body from retaining water, and helping the body to maintain a proper electrolyte balance.

4.Regulates Blood Pressure:

The benefits of Himalayan salt include helping to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Himalayan salt is also known to help with digestion and is thought to be good for the immune system. Himalayan salt is available in many different forms, including Himalayan pink salt, which is the most popular.

Himalayan Salt vs. Black Salt:

Himalayan Salt

Black Salt


From Pinkish to Reddish

Pinkish Brown to Black


Mild Salty

Smokey and Sulfurous


Sulfates, Iron Sulfide, Magnesium, Potassium

Calcium, Magnesium, and potassium


Is Himalayan Salt Edible?

Ans: Yes! Himalayan Salt is completely edible, you can cook with it and use it for seasoning of salads and other dishes

Is Himalayan Pink Salt better than Sea Salt?

Ans: Yes. Himalayan Pink Salt is pure unprocessed mineral which is the best source of minerals. Sea salt is processed by solar and mechanical evaporation. All the trace minerals are left behind in the ocean. It is a fact that if you don’t have minerals in your body, you may have a hard time fighting off infection.

How do you use Himalayan Salt in food?

Ans: Himalayan Salt is used in cooking just like the regular salt. You can use pink salt in sauces and other savory items. People also use block of pink salt as a cooking surface.

Is Himalayan Salt good for cholesterol?

Ans: Himalayan Salt, one of the purest salts available, is a good alternative to regular salt if you’re combatting cholesterol. It is not iodized which balances the cholesterol level.

Which is better Himalayan Salt or iodized Salt?

Ans: Iodized salt have high level of sodium whereas Himalayan Salt also contains other trace elements which makes it a better choice.



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