Himalayan Salt Pills

Oct 24, 2022

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Himalayan Salt Pills

Himalayan Salt Pills have been around since the year 2000. Himalayan Salt is known to have a high level of trace minerals and is also rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Salt tablet use has increased over the past 5 years because of their many health benefits. But do they really provide the claimed benefits or is it all myths? Let’s Find Out!

What are Himalayan Salt Pills?

Himalayan Salt Pills have been used in Asia for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. These tablets are made from the mineral-rich salt from salt mines in Khewra, Pakistan. The pills contain a high level of minerals, including sodium and potassium.

The benefits of sodium chloride include the ability to combat fatigue, improve the immune system, and provide relief from pain. The pills are also beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight.

They have been used for thousands of years to increase stamina and endurance. They are great for people who train hard and play sports regularly. They can also be used by those who want to improve their energy levels and increase concentration. Doctors prescribe Himalayan Salt pills to people with hyponatremia.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Pills

Himalayan Salt Pills

It’s been scientifically proven that drinking distilled water and taking Himalayan salt pills is good for your body, mind, and health in general. It may sound a bit strange at first, but try it yourself. You’ll see how beneficial it can be!

The main benefit of using Himalayan salt is that it helps to fight inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of disease and illness. When inflammation goes unchecked, it can lead to many serious illnesses and conditions.

Salt Pills for Hyponatremia

Hyponatremia is a condition in which the level of sodium in the blood is too low. This condition can be caused by several things, including drinking too much water and taking certain medications. The salt pills can be very helpful in treating hyponatremia.

They work by increasing the level of sodium in the blood, thereby helping the body to regulate its levels. This can help to prevent a number of serious problems, including seizures.

There are many benefits to using Himalayan salt pills for curing hyponatremia. The most obvious benefit is that they can cure your hyponatremia in a matter of days. The other benefits include: They provide a natural and safe alternative to synthetic sodium supplements, which can be dangerous.

Salt Pills for Hydration

Himalayan Salt is well known to prevent dehydration and provide hydration by maintaining body fluids. Same is the case with Himalayan Salt pills because these pills are made of 100% pure Himalayan salt with 84+ trace minerals packed in it.

These pills are good for hydration but there are few things to keep in mind before consuming these salt pills. Firstly if you are aiming to take salt tablets on daily basis, you need to limit your sodium intake by other means because high sodium content can be harmful for your kidneys.

Secondly it is advised to take these salt pills with high amount of water and other natural drinks because they can give your kidneys tough time balancing body fluids. If you’re not taking enough water along with salt pills, you are intentionally damaging your kidneys.

Salt tablets for runners

Himalayan Salt Pills

Normally it is thought that these salt tablets for runners only but electrolyte tablets can be used by anyone. If you’re taking salt pills for maintaining electrolytes while exercising and other sports activities, consult your doctor before final decision.

So that they can test your electrolyte needs and prescribe accordingly. Because it might be possible that you need to pair up Himalayan salt supplements with any other supplements.  

Replace your sports drinks with full of nutrition sodium chloride solution or oral salt supplementation with drinking plenty of water. It will not only add flavors to water but also the health benefits and nutrition to muscle.

It is found that oral salt consumption in form of salt tablets for runners is healthy rather than taking salt tablets.

Other Health Benefits include:

  • Himalayan pink salt has good amount of trace minerals that are essential for human health. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, and others.
  • Use Salt tablets to Improve Hydration in body in hot weather
  • Maintain body electrolytes during physical activities like jogging, running and swimming
  • Keep electrolytes balance after prolonged illness or electrolytes lost during long distance running
  • Reduce inflammation and cure health conditions linked with it
  • Health Benefits for people who are involved in activities like long runs, exercise, race, long distance runners.
  • Balance sodium levels in people who sweat a lot, feel not so active during hot weather and don’t consume any other form of fluid, drink, or sugar.

Hydrate Plus - Electrolyte Capsules w/Himalayan Salt

Electrolyte Salt Tablets for Rapid Hydration

Nutricost Pink Himalayan Salt Capsules

How to Consume Salt Pills

The best way to take Himalayan Salt pill is to take it with a glass of distilled water. If you have difficulty in taking pills, you can also mix it in a glass of water and make sole for you. While dissolving salt pill in water, keep in mind to have 1 pill in 4 ounces of water as per doctors.

It is better to have salt pills empty stomach but if you face stomach upset after having it, you can also take it while having food or right after having your food meal.

Also monitor you other sodium intake throughout the day from other sources too, so that you can enjoy the health benefits of salt pills without facing any health conditions like hypertension or imbalanced body fluids. Because high sodium content means that you are already having your sodium needs fulfilled and you don’t need any other form of sodium.

Everybody should take pills per the prescription of their doctor but people who are taking these for heat cramps should strictly stick with 1 pill per day as it is recommended by doctors and health professionals.

Salt Pills should be stored at dry place and on normal room temperature. Moisture can make them clumpy and may reduce their mineral content.

Electrolyte tablets

It is advised not to take any kind of pills without the recommendation of doctor if you have any sort of underlying health condition. Before taking salt pills, people with conditions like allergies, hypertension, diabetes, pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their doctors and explicitly mention their health conditions so that doctors can recommend accordingly.

Athletes can use electrolyte tablets for making sports drinks or take oral salt supplementation with 4 ounces of water for muscle cramping. Runners need high sodium, potassium magnesium for fluid balance in body because much salt and electrolyte get lost in sweat during long distance running.

Side Effects of Salt tablet

Although Himalayan salt is highly nutritional and impacts your body positively but anything which is over used can have side effects. Similarly Himalayan salt too have side effects, only when consumed excessively. These side effects include:

  • Hypernatremia, condition opposite to hyponatremia, in which a person can have symptoms like having difficulty while focusing on anything, very low or very high energy, increased fatigue, extreme thirst, not feeling active
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Stomach Irritation / Upset Stomach
  • High Sodium Content in Body
  • Kidney Strain
  • Imbalanced body fluids
  • Flushed Skin
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Swelling on tongue
  • If you are already having symptoms of osteoporosis, high sodium intake can worsen the condition and can cause complications


What are the benefits of Himalayan salts?

Ans: There are many health benefits that you can get from Himalayan salt. It’s also a great natural cure for colds, sinus infections, and allergies. There are many reasons why people use Himalayan salt for healing purposes. 

Are Himalayan salts good for you?

Ans: Himalayan Pink salt contain 84 trace elements, other than regular sodium chloride. It includes potassium, magnesium, calcium and no calories at all. These trace elements add to the nutrition and prove beneficial for many medical conditions. Himalayan Salt pills are good for any person having hyponatremia and better than table salt. It has special benefits for athletes and people who have sports career.

Who should not use Himalayan salt?

Ans: People with health conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases and severe neuro problems should consult their doctors before high intake of Himalayan Salt.

Does Himalayan Salt raise blood pressure?

Ans: If used in normal amount, Himalayan salt does not raise the blood pressure but if consumed excessively it can have serious side effects on your health.

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